Beware of These Common Issues in Pilot Schools

Top Pilot SchoolsDo you want to find the right pilot school? Make sure you analyze further about the targeted one to avoid issues in the future. How to do that? You need to gather a lot of information from many trusted sources. First of all, know the age of the school first. Why? Flight schools that have been running for years can be chosen because they provide the best education for cadets. They can survive because years to years the students take training program and graduate from there. Ideally, you should trust a pilot school with at least 5 years of age. Next, it’s better for you to know how the facility is, how much the pilot education and training costs, and how the alumnus were.

Aside from knowing the age of the school and other aspects, you can learn about the most common issues that happen in pilot schools today (both local and international) to add your knowledge and make you more careful. Here they are:

Hidden fee

So you are surprised by the extremely high cost in flight schools. Yes, every pilot student is required to spend about $50,000-$60,000 for this. You need to know clearly about the flight training cost in your future school before you choose one and do registration. One sad truth you have to know is some students must pay hidden fee. How could it happen? They do not pay attention and ask for more detail regarding to the cost. Untrustworthy flight school have many reasons to cost you more during the training process. Perhaps, accommodation and transportation are not included. This can be a big issue especially for those who have no budget preparation.

Conflict among students

The second top issue is the conflict among students. This often happens and is unpreventable in any education institution due to student difference. The differences can be based on nationality, social status, individual personality, and other background. Conflicts might happen during the teaching and learning process. Don’t let this happen and ruin your education. When someone insults you, you don’t have to do it back for them. Just report to the authority if it is too much.

Pilot school bankruptcy

Another common problem is pilot school bankruptcy. Can you imagine that? Pilot schools that do not achieve their target might close down. The others are unable to fund the school facility anymore, so that this happens. How about the cadets? They have to start from zero entering another pilot school and take the test again. It is just a waste of money. Sounds bad, right?

Pilot training crash

Last, the most frightening issue is a crash. We often hear about flight training crash at the time being that causes death, serious injuries, and loss. How could it happen? Lack of preparation usually becomes the reason. The mistakes can come from the the instructors who do not pay attention and instruct well, the aircraft which is not in a good condition, or from the trainee who still has poor flying skill.

How to Be a Good Second Officer?

pilot schoolsAfter graduating from flight school and getting a job at an airline, you will work as a second officer first. This is a good job because you will learn and cooperate with experienced co-pilot and captain. Besides, you can increase your own flight hours to get better position within 2 or 3 years. Anyway, to be first officer or co-pilot, one of the requirements that you have to fulfill is being a good second officer. This means that you have to:

Show your discipline and professionalism

Yup, becoming a good second officer you have to show your discipline and professionalism by coming to office on time, obeying all rules, admitting mistakes, and so on. This might be difficult but you can do it as long as you have strong willpower to increase and get better position. If you feel unable to do this and need more time, you should adapt first and avoid being shy to ask anything that you don’t know. Besides, when co-pilot or captain asks you to do something, do it as well as possible. In other hand, if you violence rules, you should accept all punishments sincerely and promise not to do it anymore.

Respect your colleagues

Sometimes, colleagues are younger than you or they like kidding but it is like jibe. You should understand this situation well by respecting them as well as possible. You need to know that if you want to be respected, you should respect other. For instance, when your captain is praying or eating, you should wait till he finishes his activity before telling information or when your first officer is getting sick and treating in hospital, there is no problem to visit and pray for him so he gets his health back. Besides, when greeting captain or first officer, don’t call his name, you should call “sir” so he feels comfortable.

What if he does not respect you anymore? Stay cool and show your professionalism. Also think positively because who knows that he wants to test and look your responses for his actions. In contrast, if you don’t accept this condition, he will know that you still need to learn and are not professional yet.

Avoid making conflict

Undoubtedly, when working in a place with many people, there is a big possibility to deal with conflict sooner or later. This problem usually happens because there is miscommunication or misconception. To avoid dealing with this problem, avoid making conflict. How? Give positive responses when somebody insults or slander you, give clear information and explanation when there is misconception, respect all colleagues although they are younger than you, apologize soon when doing any mistakes, forgive, and so on. Even, when somebody wants to fight with you, avoid doing this no matter what your reasons are. You should succumb for unimportant and useless something. In other hand, if you are accused for any mistakes whereas you don’t do those, tell your boss and show real evidences.

Hopefully, by avoiding making conflict, respecting your colleagues, and showing discipline and professionalism, you will be a good second officer. Good luck. 🙂

How to Kill Boredom at Boarding Pilot School?

boredom workWhen having free time, most cadets at pilot school will have fun alone or together with their friends. They do this so they can kill boredom. Yup, boredom should be killed as well as possible unless cadets want to feel depressed and stress out. Anyaway, if you are a cadet at a pilot school, what do you do to kill boredom? If you don’t have any ideas, consider doing the following tips:

Chat with your friends

Chatting with friends is one of the ways to kill boredom. For this, invite your friends to chat together. Discuss about hot and happy topics so this way runs smoothly. For instance, if you and your friends like soccer, you can discuss about England Premier League, LA Liga, Bundes League, Eredivise, Major Super League, Serie A, and so on or if you and your friends want to discuss about special someone, ask their opinion about how to win heart of special someone, cheer her up, break her, etc. Make sure that you don’t discuss bad side of your friends and use inapporiate words so they are not offended.

In other hand, what if your friends are busy with their activities, no need to worry because you can chat with friends on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, and much more.

Listen to favorite songs

Based on some researches, listening to favorite songs is able to make people get comfort. They also release their stress fast. For this, you are suggested to listen to favorite songs when getting bored. Make sure that you choose happy songs, avoid playing sad songs. If you play these songs, you will feel alone and deal with depressed soon. You may sing songs so you get comfort. Nevertheless, if you live with some roommates, you should use headphone or earphone so you don’t disturb them.

Do sports

Most pilot schools are equipped with sport facilities, such as: soccer field, basketball field, table tennis, pool, and so on. Use those facilities to do your favorite sports. For instance, if you like playing basketball, play this sport when getting bored so you will get happiness and comfort. Besides, by doing this activity, you can maintain your body’s health. Invite your friends to do sports together so you can have fun together. If your friends don’t want to do this, do it alone. This might be little bit bored but you can remain feeling happy if you do it while listening to favorite songs.

Last but not least, consider traveling together with your friends if pilot school parties enable all students to get out dormitory. Go to interesting places, like city park, zoo, department store, cinema, beach, waterfall, and so on. Discuss destination places with friends first so this activity runs smoothly. If you want to shop, make sure that you make a shopping list first so you don’t waste money. Find discounts and promos if you want to cut down your expenses.

Hopefully, by doing these you can be free from boredom and enjoy your routine at boarding pilot school.

Are You a Good Captain?

pilot-trainingCaptain is a leader in airplane. He/she is responsible for security of all passengers and crews. This makes captain have to work extra and maintain focus on flying plane. Unfortunately, after office hour, some captains don’t show their professionalism and credibility to their subordinate, colleague, and family. This makes people judge them as bad captains. Are you a captain? If you answer yes, do you already become a good captain? If you don’t, introspect and fix your behavior and attitude by doing these:

Respect subordinate

Undoubtedly, you are a leader and you may feel proud of your position now. You definitely know that getting your position is very difficult because you need to have thousands of flight hours and complete pilot licenses, like ATPL, type rating, MER, and so on. Because of this, some captains feel too proud of themselves so they want to be respected only. This is a bad thing and you have to avoid doing it. If you want to be respected by others, you have to respect them first although they are subordinates. If they already respect you, you have to remain respecting them. By respecting each other, workplace will be conducive, safe and comfortable and you can enjoy doing your jobs.

Work professionally

Liked mention above, you are a leader in each flight. Therefore, never do unnecessary actions that can ruin your images and harm others. For instance, you allow passengers to enter wheelhouse and take pictures together, take other fly routes, leave wheelhouse without clear reasons, avoid communicating with airline staffs, and so on. If you do bad things and violence the existing rules, you will be punished and fired from your job. Therefore, work professionally so you can bring passengers to destination places safely. In other hand, if you have any mistakes, don’t be shy to admit them. If you don’t do this, you will bring many disadvantages for yourself. Yup, you will be shy and get punishments sooner or later. Even, you can lose your job at last.

Maintain relationship with family and colleague

There are many pilots who cannot maintain relationship with their family and colleague. This makes beloved ones leave them so they feel alone and stress out. Can you maintain relationship with your family and colleague? If you feel that you cannot do this because you don’t know what to do, you should start by respecting your colleagues and sparing your time to gather with your family. When having free time, invites your family and colleague to hang out together. If you have to go home at midnight, inform your family so they don’t feel worried.

When having troubles with them, find the right solution that does not harm you and them. If they feel disappointed with you, apologize and promise that you will not redo the same mistakes again. In addition, remain maintaining communication with them when going to another city or country.

Hopefully, by doing all of these, you can become a good captain for your family, colleague and subordinate. Good luck. 🙂